Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Get it on

I am home early eating peanut butter on toast, you know haha. Going to make a move in a few minutes to head to my childrens school to see their teachers. I love being involved but I feel strange in the playground as if all eyes are on me as if I have done something really bad. It makes me feel uneasy but when I hear the cheer from my daughter leaving her class it makes it all the worthwhile. I know it shouldn't matter what the randoms think but it does as I am representing my children and I don't want them to think of their dad as a loser. Me and their mother don't seem to be arguing as much now so hopefully there is closure coming through now and about time to. I hope so anyway as I don't want our disagreements to affect our children too much. It's not like I am going to release a load of music putting her down, going down the path of reffering to Eminem I have provided a sample below of his next single ;

Anyway after tonight I am going to find myself somewhere to watch the football. Although there will be many people that disagree, I honestly feel that there is no bigger club game in the world at the moment than Chelsea Vs Barcelona. It is an amazing fixture and it's great that we have had the opportunity to play against them frequently over the last couple of seasons. Tonight will be the sixth match and the mind games are already underway and with Barcelona having to attack it should make for a great fixture. I am optimistic but they have had a lot of criticisms recently and I think that will give them the edge. We haven't got the best record in Spain but hopefully this will be the game. Looking forward to it anyway, lets get it ON !!