Thursday, April 24, 2008

AIR Leapfrog Continues

Woke up this morning and the AIR application leapfrog continues, firstly I came across the story that Alert Thingy had updated to version 1.3. Reading the intel the new update not only allows Twitter and FriendFeed in the same window, it also includes a new addition in the form of a Flickr uploader tool. All you need to do is just drag-and-drop your pictures and it's uploaded to the site. I haven't had a chance to test the Flickr uploader yet but allow the same for Picasa which I use for my Blog by default and I will be impressed. What's great is that in including Tweets in Alert Thingy the client is de-dupping so you don't get the FriendFeed notification that you have submitted a message on Twitter. Also another thing I noticed is where before posting to Twitter from Alert Thingy would display as 'from web' it now says 'from AlertThingy'. It's the little things that make me so happy, all I want to do is live by the sea....

No sooner had this been available for a few hours when give us a twhirl, another client is released version u.0.8 which allows you to connect to your friendfeed account from the same application you use to read from and post to Twitter. They have also cleaned up some bugs which will hopefully make the client a lot more stable and also made some changes to the interface. I like the improvements to the button panel as the combination button wasn't very good and the all-in-view panel makes it quicker to navigate.

My overall view is that I will still use both clients for the time being, but AlertThingy is making all the right moves. Where before I would use Twhirl for Twitter and AlertThingy just to follow FriendFeed I am leaning more towards AlertThingy now although I do still prefer the interaction with my friends on Twhirl. Hopefully you're getting there, and that my view will help you decide what client to go with! Or not!?!