Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Captain Planet Day

John Terry in action for Chelsea FCImage via WikipediaYou are cordially invited to the birthday party of one Captain Planet, today is the special day where we celebrate talking to tree's, feeding the birds and rejoicing in Mother Natures beauty. Today is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. I started the day by opening the window and taking a deep breath, pollution always gives me that extra kick to get motivated and race to the sink to down two litres of water. I have visions of the Enchanted movie and animals helping me in the morning although I am greeted by the dog. Looking shifty as always and I can only presume that it's destroyed another of the children's toys in the night. Mouse trap buddy, keep on chewing threw things and one will be introduced.

Eventually I leave for the morning in a reasonable mood, reasonable because my phone somehow broke in the night. Also I am slightly frustrated at my web activity being seen as an annoyance and that the one morning I want to watch the Sports news is when the must see episode of Manny and the Tools is being shown. If only children understood autoviewing and Sky Plus, I think I will slowly introduce this into her vocabulary. Although I remember with the older children once they had figured out that DVD's could be rewound it was the beginning of the end. Maybe this is why I am not really an avid television watcher anymore, all those years of Barney the Dinosaur greeting me every morning. I feel like that left me with ticks, I swear!

I am a little erratic today as with the Champions League Semi Final only a matter of hours away now I am really nervous. I am hopeful that the nervousness I feel will be replaced by an ecstatic one later although I am not going to be optimistic and make any form of prediction as I don't want to rue anything I say later tonight. Whatever happens it will be an exciting and emotional game. One things for sure, that's if Captain Planet was on the pitch he would be telling all the player 'The power is yours'. Hopefully our own Captain fantastic John Terry can have a blinder and inspire the rest of the team to a famous win!!