Friday, April 18, 2008

One word answers?!?!

Club crest 2005–2006 (Centenary).Image via WikipediaOn another note it was great to watch a half decent Chelsea performance last night, there is still hope that we can upset the odds and win the league but it's an outside chance. I watched the game locally in a pub as there were programmes on that my Girl wanted to watch. Normally football doesn't take place on a Thursday so it doesn't cause disruption, felt like I was neglecting her although she said that she didn't mind but wished I had told her earlier.

This is definitely an area I need to work on as I have to stop leaving decisions until the last minute. I didn't really feel that great as I had a bad headache and choose to lay down for a short period of time. After mulling about I decided to head out to find a pub, this took a good twenty minutes which amazed me. Figured that with only a few games remaining that this would be a cracking match especially with Everton also needing the points to remain in the hunt for the final Champions League place. Everton have been unlucky against the big clubs this year and I was happy that the run continued last night as Essien scored the only goal of the match to move us within two points of United. They have a game in hand but the pressure is on them!! The pressure is clearly on Avram Grant as well and anyone watching his post match interview must be wondering what he was on about. Lets hope that the wheels aren't about to fall off!!