Sunday, April 20, 2008

Entertaining the wild life!

The worst thing about the beginning of the year is the unpredictability of the weather. My three children are very active and require a lot of stimulation and even though sometimes I would just love a lazy weekend of doing nothing it would be an injustice to them. After football yesterday we had to stop back at home to pick up baby before moving on to Bluewater. It was quite busy, although it is a Saturday and I suppose it's expected still we had to dodge and swerve around a lot of people. We didn't really have a purpose for shopping but just came to get out of the house. Bumped into some of my friends I hadn't seen in a while but my boy choose to be awkward and I felt like pulling out a finishing move but decided to move along and count to ten.

Arrived home and followed the football and was delighted that Blackburn eventually held out to draw their home game against Manchester United. It at least gives Chelsea a sniff and hopefully we can now bang ten passed them to move top in the game next weekend.

Today seemed like a decent day and in the afternoon we got a taste of summer, it felt good so we headed out to a local park. The park has a small train that runs around the perimeter and we jumped on at the first opportunity and made our way up to the lake and children's play area. We spent a good few hours here with the children enjoying themselves. Playing in the sand pit, feeding the birds and then enjoying football for the afternoon. Afterwards we headed off to grab some food and then took the elder children back to their mother. From the sounds of things their house is becoming like a small zoo with Fox cubs in the garden and they have just got some Lizards which will keep them amused I am sure. I am sure their hamster feels like his days are numbered once the Lizards get bigger. Just watching Swordfish with my Girl now and then off to bed...