Monday, April 14, 2008

Something in the AIR?

Came across Alert Thingy today, not the most creative of names but what's a name anyway. Alert Thingy is a desktop application built using the FriendFeed API and Adobe AIR to provide the data from FriendFeed. I recently began using Twhirl which increased my usage of Twitter massively and I am sure this will have a similar effect. FriendFeed is a site that acts as a central point for currently 30+ of your online alias and updates accordingly. With friends also using the FriendFeed service Alert Thingy updates on what your friends are doing and you can comment directly. You get me??

Adobe AIR is a versatile runtime environment for building internet applications, it's a shame that Chelsea Football Club aren't built of something similar. This evening I was really hoping that we would turn up and put on a performance consisting of versatility, running and building towards the title (see what I did there). Instead we under perform, expect that just turning up is enough and underestimate a team who aren't just going to roll over because they are facing a supposed better team on paper. Avram Grant you don't know what you are doing and a season what could have been has ended with us becoming the nearly men.

Maybe I am being harsh but being five points behind Manchester United in the league now with only four games (twelve points) to play you have to say it's beyond us. Especially as two of their matches are against teams who's managers are former players of Manchester United! Then there is the Champions League and okay we're in the last four but being unable to inspire against Wigan I have a feeling we will fall short again in that competition. Sorry Avram but it seems that you're not only out of your league but you will be shortly out of a job for this seasons failing.