Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo is human!

Manchester United vs ChelseaImage by Twyford via FlickrWatched most of the game last night, and what became clear was that the worlds best player is human and can have a bad day in the office. The rest of the playing field can let out a sigh of relief as he does feel pressure like the rest of us. When he stepped up to take the penalty rewarded in the opening two minutes for handball I was expecting only one outcome...

It didn't come, instead Ronaldo missed and the ball went wide. He was still a threat throughout the match but it was Messi who was the danger man. I admire both players and would love for them to turn out a Stamford Bridge weekly. This match was billed as a contest between arguably the two most gifted young players in the world, Messi came through edging it in part one of this encounter. At times the ball appeared to stick to his feet although with all his mastery he couldn't conjure up the goal that the Catalan faithful would have loved. This was the encounter that Alex Ferguson believes should have been the final and although there were no goals it was a good game. Not a classic but with the return leg next Tuesday this is poised nicely!!