Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Give us a wave!!!

Lots of distractions currently around at the moment which are frustrating but what can you do. It's been a strange week really as the weather hasn't made it's mind up, opinions seem to constantly differ, I still feel hunover from the weekend (honestly) and heaven forbid growing hair as it's the beginning of the twist. Or is it?!?
Wednesday Club in full effect tonight, at times I still feel like the other man, lurking outside in the car peering over the steering wheel. Waiting patiently listening to tonight's choice The Enemy belting out from the speakers and scratching my head over why I can't access either Twitter or Facebook on my phone. I admit obsession so sign me up to a clinic or the next social application, feed me!

Called my Girl up to try and wind her up but she weren't having any of it and quickly put the phone down on my attempts to sound like a derranged sheep hiding in a tractor outside the farmers house. Where is my hay, hey anyway!! Next time I arrive on the overlap I am going to lay in the front garden and pretend something has happened to me. Sit in the tree, maybe build a scarecrow or something. I believe though that these pages are followed so I'm sure the next visit will lead to them scouring the perimeter as to my whereabouts so I won't give the game away as I head off to purchase a tent.

Anyhoo tonight was a casual night as we headed over to my parents with all my children. Had to stop and pick up each of them from different locations which was fun. Never met the eldests friend before so knocking there for her was offkey as I felt rude. Needless to say Boy almost started over a chocolate bar but it passed without incident. At my parents the Youth Cup final was scheduled to be played although someone was watching the wrong match completely. Needless to say it was the usual Chelsea playing as the younsters also get so far and lose. The weight of expectation is clearly pushing down on Stamford Bridge in a big way. Having an early night tonight as feel knackered...