Sunday, April 13, 2008

On One!

Last night was one of those nights where everyone was on one and even though I tried to stay on top of my game the amount of drink I consumed made it tough. I am not as much of a heavyweight compared to last year and not eating much over the course of the day was also a bad idea. Arrived out forty minutes later than had originally planned, wasn't a bad thing but I felt raw on my friends sitting there. Soon mingled and after the initial round of introductions it was destination bar. Was difficult to stay with one crowd as everwhere I moved I would bump into more of my friends and get to catching up. There were a lot of people out and this led to me receiving quite a few drinks which I knocked back contently.

Eventually the main dancefloor opened and we all got to rocking out which was a laugh. My brother and sisters were out for my 'Super Sweet 16th' with my two youngest brothers both with their girlfriends. The youngests partner being electrical and coming from Japan, they are always together in his bedroom getting close. Unluckily for my youngest sister she was turned away from the bar due to her age but she was cool and had a good night with her friends. I would have loved to had gone on to meet her but having organised to meet everyone in Ivory Lounge she understood why I couldn't move on.

We later moved on to OHM and a bit vague what took place here but it ended with me being banished to the stands for being naughty. Not to self, switching to non alcoholic drinks to remain composed isn't a bad idea when drinking heavily. I'll have to try and remember that
the next time if I'm allowed to drink again.

Today I am feeling the effects of heavy drinking as I had an episode in the car, driving along from my Mum's and I felt like I was about to receive a Mario powerup. Was listening out for the powerup noise but all I got was an electric feeling pins and needles feeling in my hand and the sound of rain. Pulled over and baulked up which wasn't very stylish but saves covering the dashboard with the contents of my stomach. After this it was as though I had received a powerup as I felt 110% better, why do we never see Mario be sick??