Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paul Scholes scores goals!

FC Barcelona vs Manchester UnitedImage by BLAS'08 via FlickrAnd none more so important than last night, what a goal it was as well. He doesn't score many now but when he does it's worth the wait. I personally felt that Barcelona would beat Manchester United last night. Especially as the chips are down for Barca at the moment, okay Man Utd have had some bad press but they are in a very strong position. It's only the media playing out a burn out, players running on empty and tactical problems. I think our press have a habit of playing their hand as that there are problems, then why not as it shifts newspapers.

Barcelona dominated the possession and it required United to be at their best defensively last night. When the ball came out to Scholes I thought he would be closed down but he wasn't and he unleashed a curling shot that left Valdes with no chance. It was against the run of play but that's football sometimes, United had a good spell just after the goal but then Barcelona took control again. It was a great end to the match although Barcelona couldn't weave their way through to create a clear cut chance.

So United make it to the final and in doing so lay down what we already know that the Premier League is the place to play football now. Our teams are too strong and it's looking like this will be a golden era now! With Chelsea and Liverpool playing tonight and an all English final confirmed, also the only team to knock out an English club has and will only be an English club this season. Can't wait for tonight as I am hoping that it is our time now! Whatever the outcome the final next month will be amazing!