Monday, April 07, 2008

Chocolate Fingers...

Whilst I was busy at work today the family were also busy, they were at home making final preparations for my birthday. I was unaware this was taking place although I had a sneaking suspicion and also my Son had whispered to me yesterday night that they were going to be making cakes. The pictures in this post show every one's hard work in getting everything together. When all was revealed to me this evening I was most impressed.

My Girl was a star in having them for the day and they were well behaved for her which was good. I admit I was nervous in her liaising with my children's mother via text about how they were but at least it shows we're all moving forward. There were no problems with them communicating which was a relief. I am going to enjoy eating the cake that they made for me as there is plenty to work through ha! Whilst I was at work I received the below photo, Tom our snowman couldn't handle the effects of global warming and had crumbled under the pressure, literally. The contrast from the day before as yesterday a blanket of snow covered everything. Today all that remains is a small pile of snow, we have fond memories and apologies that we weren't able to protect you more!
I was a bit of a cheat this evening as it's not my birthday until tomorrow but that didn't stop me leading everyone in a loud chorus of Happy Birthday. After which I blew out all the candles on the cake and we all tucked in! My Girl though who is the master at this skill lately managed to let her piece of cake slide from her plate and drop onto the floor. This made for a hilarious few minutes and her dropping to the floor in dispair. I'm sure I can spare her another slice, if she's good!!