Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons

What is going on in the world today, increasingly there are stories coming out that leave me wondering what is up with people. There is the regular shooting in schools in America, terrorist threats and attacks, trouble on the streets, drugs, depraved people and situations sinking to new lows all the time that defy belief. Personally I think that anything against children is disgraceful, they are innocent and bringing them into direct contact with anything they don't understand is wrong let alone anything that can harm them. In the news at the moment is the story about Josef Fritzl, not only does he look a peculiar but what he has done is unforgivable.

Mr. Fritzl admitted he held his daughter captive for 24 years in the cellar with three children who never saw sunlight. In total he fathered seven children with her, one, a twin passed away and the other three he raised himself with his wife. His wife who is mother to her and six other children to him was unaware that this was taking place according to reports. He got around authorities by telling them his daughter had dropped of the children as babies the first with a note. Saying that she was unable to raise the baby and they were taken in, adopted and raised normally.

This all came to light when one of the children, a girl Kerstin 19, was taken ill and the hospital found a note in her pocket. They then alerted the police and they released the remaining captives from there dungeon. As a parent I can't see how this man could live with this horrible act for a day let alone 24 years. And what he did to her is appalling, hopefully there is no further part to this story as I read in the Sun today that he owns another property.