Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You're going the wrong way!!

I'm sure that Rafa Benitez will have been listening to So Solid Crew last night and their song 21 seconds. Liverpool only had about that amount of time left last night to see the game out and almost book their place in the final. It was a decent game, even more so if you were a Liverpool supporter as they looked comfortable and threatening in attack. Chelsea although starting well faded after about fifteen minutes and it wasn't a matter of if Liverpool would score but when it would happen and also how many times.

Torres looked dangerous and always looked like he would beat the offside trap. Alonso had a great game with his range of passing and Carragher was colossal at the back. Liverpool scored their goal just on half time in the 43rd minute, a catalogue of errors from Chelsea and Dirk Kuyt who was in acres of space eventually converted. It wasn't pretty but it was the goal to break the deadlock and with previous encounters being close this was very significant.

After the break Chelsea still looked uninspiring and it was frustrating watching as Drogba looked isolated and Liverpool always looked like scoring on the break. Time went by and Avram introduced Anelka for Ballack, this to me seemed a waste as what impact could he have coming on in the 86th minute. Very instrumental it turned out as his presence alone and that of the referee's time keeping led to the own goal from Riise which gives Chelsea a slim advantage. Exciting two games coming up at the Bridge now, will destiny favour us this time?!?!