Thursday, April 03, 2008

Squash ball!

Meetings are often held in conference roomsImage from WikipediaAt my company I have been at times passed from pillar to post as I have moved my way up. I am satisfied with my position as 2nd Line Support as it allows me to do what I enjoy. Time for change again though and now we are being pushed to make sales. Now don't get me wrong but if you have had a problem with your PC for several weeks only to be poached for a cold sale it's not very appealing. We now have to find ways where we can make sales or increase them for the customer service. Be it with tools, better material or a whole new concept!

We held a meeting this afternoon to discuss where we thought we could take this and our ideas were very good. I tried to look clever in the meeting and got out the pens and put up on the board a totally irrelevant sum and also what could only be described as a mountain on top of a pea with arrows over it! I'm going far baby!! Brought the ideas back to the floor and now working out what to do going forward!

Arrived home tonight in a buoyant mood and after dinner settled down for some television. I'll correct that actually after Eastenders I sat down to television. I can't stand soaps and would much rather waste 30 minutes online than sitting amazed at Bianca's return. Anyway tonight was all about House as I enjoy that show, it was a downer though as all the patients died and even House attempted suicide! What a lovely show! At least last seasons characters are getting more involved and the new recruits are also coming through so it's building up nicely. Things are building up nicely for my birthday as well. Facebook makes it so easy to make arrangements without having to much at all. Looking forward to seeing all of my friends next Saturday for my Super Sweet 16!!!