Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a shame...

After the disappointment of last nights football result it was a chore reading through the newspapers and how Chelsea still think they are in the title race. Okay mathematically it's there especially as we have to play them but you're not kidding anyone. The Champions League is now our only chance at silverware. I know that come the return leg at Stamford Bridge I will probably not only chew off my nails but half my arms as well. Would be an amazing achievement to win something this year, although for Avram if he does get his hands on a trophy it's still going to go down as Jose's team!!

Tonight after an enjoyable meal we sat down to watch television and were left scratching our heads at the gap in the week. Our Sky Planner has something locked in for every night, tonight there wasn't anything appealing. Don't do the Soaps just because they are a poor reflection of life and acting in general really. We decided to watch Gok Wan's show and then a programme on diets that time forgot. Captivating television I am sure you will agree, thankfully I think the evening is to be saved by the final episode in the current series of Shameless. Shameless is an amazing show as try putting a short synopsis to each episode, it's just not possible!! Shame it's the end of the series!!!