Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's in the game!!

Manchester United footballer Cristiano ronaldoImage from WikipediaHe plays on the left, he plays on the right, that boy Ronaldo makes England look... Seems like every person I speak to at the moment is in complete awe of him at the moment. Love or loathe him he is on a different level to everyone else and I wouldn't want to be a defender tracking him. I have never seen Manchester United play, I have seen Chelsea face Arsenal and Liverpool a few times but never seen arguably the Premiership's greatest team.

Doesn't look like I will this season either unless I can pull of an amazing trick. I hope to next season, to see both him and Rooney as they are players I admire and they are both in their prime. To think they can get even better as well is worrying especially being a supporter of an opposing club as I want Chelsea to be up there. Having tasted success I want more from my club which brings me on to tonights action. Nice one Chelsea!! Throwing away an advantage, going back to what appears to underline our season - This wouldn't have happened under Mourinho! Can't be too harsh as we failed to score and still come home with an Away goal. Cheers for that Deivid!! Arsenal and Liverpool are nicely set for a cracking return leg. I ended up watching more of this match than the Chelsea game which actually wasn't planned!

Here's the story, met up with the children at my parents my Dad completed the task I set him in getting Boy to write the word Dad which was good. We had dinner and all settled for a game of Hot and Cold as the children weren't really feeling the football. This worked well as they got involved and occupied allowing me to watch the first 25 minutes of the game before I had to take them back to their mothers. Figured that with subscribing to the football package of Sky Sports this would allow me to watch the game at my girls so headed over. Trawled through the radio stations but all that was available was the Arsenal/Liverpool game. Eventually arrived home and was unable to view either game, was going to stream a radio broadcast over the internet but my Girl was bidding on Ebay. Headed out to the pub and figured I would stop at the first pub showing the game but I have a feeling they were running a dodgy broadcast as it was in a foreign language. On top of that it was the Arsenal/Liverpool game so watched that and followed the Chelsea match on my phone. To learn shortly that we would lose and the drunk guy behind me yell that we will do them at Anfield. Nice mate if only that were true!!