Friday, April 25, 2008

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

Big Brother 2007 (UK)Image via WikipediaLife in a box, I always wonder how many surveillance cameras follow me during my average day. Big brother is always watching, with our mobile phones, they know where we are at all times as well. Do we live in a police state or are we approaching the dawn of something new, where if we aren't connected we are an outsider. Already we have social networking sites that track us, using GPRS to plot where we are. I checked out one a few months back and just left myself in the middle of a roundabout. I like being involved but that is a bit too much for me, anyone could plot your next move and do anything. Especially in the age of cyber bullying which seems to be in the news more lately. I think I am beyond that as that's mainly during the young impressionable age and I feel that's behind me now and I am getting old. I say that as looking at people on the tube, I see middle age, people from early 20's through to those with grey hair appearing. I am in that bracket!!

When you are in your youth you see people and can differentiate, now though it's just a sea of workers for me. Trapped in their 9 - 5 lifestyles waiting for something amazing to happen in their lives. I think I will start wearing a mask to work, or go to work wearing clown paint as someone could stand next to me today and there is no chance I will remember them tomorrow. Are we ignorant, are we Lemmings or Sheep to that extent, the people behind the cameras ushering us to work and then home again like shepherds.

Strategically placed advertisements telling us what to buy and how we should look!
You should so buy that, you've earned it, you have made it now! Life is fight club, life is a fight to be recognised now! I came home from shopping last night and there was a program on about young children fighting. Knocking lumps out of each other and who's at the side, the parents, cheering them on. For what? To say that the child is a champion, a loser? To raise their profile or that of the child's it doesn't make sense to me. Then there is the guy who became a 'bug farm' letting all manor of insects and bugs infect him. Madness, but then this is evolution we are becoming this because it's what we know we are fighting for recognition. In reflecting we all follow our friends in blogs, social networking and in turn we are followed by Big Brother looking after it's police state. Well have a good day and stay alert as they're watching!!!