Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Good Shepherd

Today I woke up full of beans so went on a recycling marathon, had loads of bottles in the shed and thought that it best to get that out of the way. After this I cut the lawn and then crashed out! Think I need to start watching these Gardening World shows for ideas as I am no Arthur Fowler. After my amazing carbon footprint this morning I needed a rest but as always no time for schmoozers and the destination was Bluewater for clothes and hair cutting fun times.

My Girl assured me that it wouldn't take too long as she wasn't getting that much trimmed. How wrong was this presumption as two hours later and several miles covered looking for a decent top I was done. Only decent one I found was in Topman but the size was XS and it looked like a top Bill S Preston would be proud of 'Most Excellent!!!' Needless to say I choose against making the purchase!! My Girl looked amazing and it was a really good cut and seeing her walk out of Tony & Guys I could see she loved it to.
Picture above shows just how lucky I am! We are now at home on one getting ready, I've just shaved whilst having my hair dyed. Got dye on my ears too so got a good look going, I'll use it as a theme for the night. Going commando!!