Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moscow bound....

Manchester United and Barcelona booked their place in the last four to join Chelsea and Liverpool and the finale of this years Champions League looks quality. Not massively different from last year as there is one difference, that being Barcelona in place of AC Milan. It's looking better though as there is even more potential for an all English Final as Barcelona appear to have a lot of problems behind the scenes. Whatever happens the Premiership definitely holds the key at the moment as we are a force in Europe. A far cry from the national team who aren't representing our country in this years European Championships!

There's a real push at work at the moment to achieve sales and in the afternoon today I sat down with the top performer to see what was working for him. It was very beneficial and between us we came up with a lot of concepts to further the company which also means more work! It's quite a busy time of year now, what with year end and migration of our products. It's a lot of fun believe me! It can also get stressful but it's not like we are all killing each other, yet anyway! At least this week is passing by quickly, need to head out to the shops to pick up some clothes at some point. Spend my birthday money on something funky for our night out at the weekend, although won't go as far as Noel Fielding who was out yesterday with what looked like a black clown outfit and dress around his neck! Not that adventurous!