Friday, April 11, 2008

Shoot the runner!

I have never really noticed before but there is a young fella on my train who seems to see the journey from train to tube as direct competition with him. I go about my mornings exactly the same, all about the fast lane and probably why my shoes wear down so quickly. A challenger has entered the arena though as my trot down the steps and then out of the station and onwards he made it clear he wanted to be in front of me this morning and yesterday as well. Watching where I was and making sure that he pretty much ran passed people.

I was trying not to laugh, maybe secretly he has been working out, building up his muscles in his legs and maybe attending confidence classes. Whatever floats his boat I guess as he did look comical. Anyway weather seems to be getting better although for the one hour I was on lunch it clouded over and hailed. Really hard as well, I went to Shoreditch to look around but ended up hiding in an office doorway and looking like a right weed. I played it cool though not like the screamers and people running about getting drenched! Tomorrow we're going shopping and my Girl has hairdressers which she is really nervous about but looking forward to. From the pictures she has shown me I reckon she will look amazing!!