Friday, April 18, 2008

Noah's Ark!

A London Underground 1995 Stock train pulls into Mornington Crescent station on the Northern line.Image via WikipediaThe start to my daily routine is never calm, it's always a mad rush for me to get out of the door. This always seems to be around 7:45 with me grabbing everything I need and running up the path to the car. Once there it's a short drive to where I park everyday and then power walk to the station. I usually have just enough time to stop in the shop and grab a Sun newspaper before heading down to the platform and grabbing the free paper. The train journey is usually the same everyday with the loud girl I moved carriages from because she hurts my ears to be with my new best friend 'The Runner'.

He was on my train this morning, looking shifty and running late but clearly he was in the mood for a race. I figured he was late or absent from work as the doors closed without him but there he was once the train pulled away heading up through the carriages until he reached mine. I peer at him over my newspaper laughing as he is great entertainment. I am going to try and take a photo of him, like David Attenborough and the animals. The doors opened and off he goes, he ran a short distance and then slowed. I carried about my usual sexy walk, rocking my deck shoes and as I draw close he's like a Deer in the headlights. Until Monday mate!!

Anyway the reason for all this is to lead to my Tube journey and how much I hate being crammed into such a confined space with about thirty bodies squeezed up against mine. Yesterday was a nightmare as I was stuck on the Tube for thirty minutes as some funny person had pulled the alarm. That was annoying but today was worse, once we got to London Bridge it was like wild animals got on. There was the old Rhino wearing his beanie hat and looking very angry, you could almost see the steam coming out of his nose. There was a Hippopotamus, she stormed onto the train, 'I'm coming on!!' which in Hippopotamus for you are not stopping me getting on this train. Then you had the Chimpanzee's who tackled her and were laughing whilst hanging from the bars and asking what she was doing.

Well we all moved on our journey and I felt like Noah, once the Tube stopped at Bank there was a lack of room but people squeezed out. This alerted Rhino who had been minding his own business, clearly annoyed at the pushing he aimed an elbow in my direction. Who wants to Dolittle in these situations, he talks to the animals?! I was a little stunned and nearly swallowed my gum, if his elbow had connected I am sure he would have knocked the wind out of me. I confronted him and we had an exchange with him choosing to open his newspaper and start reading. I was fuming, I could feel my whole body full of anger and I locked my gaze on him without breaking my stare. He said nothing after this and the journey continued with people around us looking uneasy. At the next stop the guy seemed to hang back a little, I figured he would say something but instead he leaned into me to which I leaned back forcing him off the train. He then did the little boy thing of trying to start something whilst walking away to which I laughed and he responded with the same continuing to point in the direction he was going. I wonder if we will meet again, I'm sure we could end up being friends, poke buddies even. We shall see I suppose!!!!