Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Three Day Birthday!!

I really feel that Twitter will take off this year, there is a lot of noise circulating with new clients and applications. Tonight I subscribed to a service where a site relays a question and the first correct answer receives $5 in their Paypal account. Maybe not a huge sum or development but I feel these are raising the profile of Twitter further and in turn the awareness of the bloggers and feeds. For my use Twitter really took off with the installation of Twhirl although I find that I usually have both Twhirl and Twitter open when I am checking my Tweets. Don't worry if this sounds confusing as a Tweet or Twittering is the conversations that take place.

This brings me onto an interesting article I read about the future of social networking on TechCrunch today. It expressed some good views and led me onto adding the guy as a friend on Facebook ha! I already have him on Twitter! Anyway the article discussed what could be around the corner as there is a wide open space for someone to launch a decent mobile social networking service. The limitations have obviously been the specification and operating systems on the handsets but there is an untapped market here and when waves are made they will be huge.

Just think of being always online and being able to instantly meet up with like minded people on the move. Being able to share music, experiences, locate friends. I think that there is so much possibilities and when a service is introduced it will be highly impressive. What I am thinking though is that it will likely come into full effect when my children reach their teenage years so then instead of thinking how cool I will be worried about their privacy settings and meeting the wrong people. The pro's and con's always put a spin on things but I am excited by how this could develop.

With baby staying away last night I woke up to an empty feeling as she wasn't in her cot. Normally there is activity of some sorts, either she wakes up to the sound of my alarm or at how noisy I am getting ready. She returned home later that morning whilst I was at work, my day went by quite quickly and it wasn't long before I was homeward bound. Tonight headed over to my parents to celebrate my birthday, was running a little late though so two of my brothers who play for a team had already left. They returned later but missed me blowing out the 16 candles on my birthday cake. It's so my Super Sweet 16, I got badges the lot and I am really looking forward to Saturday night now as it should be a very good night!!