Thursday, April 17, 2008

Current Affairs

It has been a busy couple of days from all the sites that I follow and applications that I use frequently. Firstly I will start by saying that I am publishing this post from Facebook using a new application launched by TypePad - Blog It - which enables me not only to write to Blogger but several other sites as well. This is a great addition and about time as well as if Facebook wants to be the central point for lifestreaming then it needs applications like Blog It.

Which brings me on to their lifestreaming service announced apparently aimed at rivaling FriendFeed. Come on it is very lacking offering the import of Flickr, Picasa, Yelp, and information into your mini-feed. I think that they missed the boat here as FriendFeed offers a great lifestreaming service. The FriendFeed API has enhanced this especially with the launch of Alert Thingy which has impressed me a lot. Alert Thingy is a work in progress as having already updated once we are now on to version 1.2 which enables me to Tweet directly to Twitter. Great addition especially if you are active on both sites! Where does that leave Twhirl you may be thinking, well not to be outdone Twhirl now allows FriendFeed...

Hopefully the above embedded YouTube clip will work if not I will edit within Blogger and submit again because as the disclaimer states 'HTML allowed. Some services may remove tags that are not allowed'. As you can tell if this is the first post of mine that you have read I am an active follower of Social Media. So much so that I was asked by Sarah Perez from Microsoft 10/Read Write Web to provide details along with others on our web activity. I responded and ended up in the article which you can read about
here. Anyway I better get on with some work, currently installing applications on a customers computer and wondering where society would be now if we didn't have social media or worse the Internet!!


Well after several failed attempts I was pleased that I had at least copied the contents to a notepad to save me having to type everything out again! Feel like Dorothy, there's no place like home, there's no place like home...