Friday, April 04, 2008

Making Owl Sounds!

I have been using Twitter more lately, I signed up to it last year but not a lot of my friends were on it so it stayed in the background with no consistency to the updates. Lately though I have added people from blogs/sites I follow and I'm adding more there than what I write in my status updates on Facebook. Yesterday I came across the story regarding Seesmic announcing that it had acquired leading 3rd party Twitter client Twhirl. Figured that I would check this out so I sent off an email to gain entry to the Seesmic Alpha via ReadWriteWeb and also installed the Twhirl client.

My initial thoughts are that it is very useful as it takes on the form of a Messenger client with the tweets being published chronologically. Most of the features available on the Twitter website are accessible through twhirl plus they have been tweaked. I was able to directly respond to a friend by clicking on their avatar. As well as replying you can send a direct message, re-tweet the entry or add it to favourites. As well as the features with Twitter you can add in your Pownce and Jaiku accounts so when you update on Twhirl you also update the others with the same entry. Hopefully I will get accepted onto the Seesmic Alpha and I'll be able to post up some views on that