Sunday, October 22, 2006

Count Down

That's right I am counting down now as tomorrow is finally payday, although I have a sneaking suspicion that next month is going to be effort as well, and the month after that and that haha. Nah next month should be alright, I have a lot to pay out but once that's done everything should click into place. I find myself sitting in this evening, none of the boys seemed to be in the mix tonight and I think that everyone gets paid over the course of this week so next weekend should be legendary. I know I am looking forward to it as should be good, with everyone on it with funds there should be some proper laughs.

My daughter seems a lot better today, wasn't really on the pace early but after a bath her and my boy were lively. Shame that she was ill and the weekends been a wash out as wanted to go down the park but didn't really want to drown them in the rain. Can't believe that I am not out tonight but the way I see it is that steering clear will mean that next week is that much better, supposedly, I'll be posting here regardless. Had a day of football matches and was impressed with all the games shown, obvious results in the Premiership but I expected Barca to bounce back but they were still under par and lost 2-0 to Real Madrid. Looking forward to the away game in the Champions League although I expect it will be a different Barcelona then. Anyway ladies and gentlemen goodnight and let the games begin from tomorrow...