Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last night was a good night but I swear we got scammed with a sleeping potion instead of the Rose wine that we had asked for. Anyway I thought the night was going to be a classic as my parents were also going for something to eat and to catch a film but they realised that I was on a wind up and swerved going to the same location as us. Mainly because I was going to do a crazy role play to get them embarrassed like pretend I had a restraining order against them or that they were really famous.

Our meal was enjoyable but the wine wasn't your average wine as we felt knackered after a couple of glasses. Still had an enjoyable meal though, well loving Italian food, and then moved on to the cinema where the movie of choice was Click. I love Adam Sandler movies as he always gets cast with the same crew and I reckon that they must have a blast meeting up and making comedies together. I thought the movie was good and a novel concept which was better than I first thought. It gets you really thinking, not just about the possibilities you could have with the remote. It was deeper than just controlling time as it was about looking after what really matters. So not solely concentrate on your work but showing that you need to have quality time as people rely on you for more than just bringing home the bread. Anyway I firmed the film which is more than could be said for others Haha. Just messing as we were both in need of some Gummi Berry Juice to get us in gear but we made it home regardless. Today has gone pretty slow, had a meeting about delegating our workload so nothing overly exciting. After work should be good, a colleague is leaving for pastures new so we will be giving him a send off which should be eventful Haha !!