Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blue Day

Had another day off work today as still weren't feeling 100%, feel a lot better now though as I write this message. I hate migraines, they are my only downside as I can work through almost everything else and firm it. With them though I feel like someone has taken a bar between my eyes. Probably will get my eyes checked eventually but it's not like I struggle to read or anything. Didn't really do anything today, last night I watched Texas Chainsaw Masacre : The Beginning and that film is twisted. Seems like movies these days are trying to be as gory as possible. It was a decent film although you kind of know what to expect, especially with how the other starts. I am personally looking forward to Saw III as that looks wicked, I am a proper fan of those as I like the twists and also how the movie is shaped. Probably why it's proved so successful and why they are already onto the third movie in such a short space of time.

Moving away from movies now and on to what I have been waiting for now for a while and it was a victory over Barcelona. It's been an emotional week behind the scenes at the Bridge, with details emerging after the game of a member of staff who has been killed in an accident. The players and Mourinho paid tribute to the friends of the club and Drogba called them a family. It does seem that way at the Bridge at the moment and although Mourinho does talk the talk he has created something special at Chelsea and it looks like it will last a long time. Hopefully bringing a lot more silverware and lets hope it will be a season to remember this time. Looking strong in the Premier League and Champions League. Boosted tonight by Drogba scoring the winner and pulling clear as the tournaments top scorer with four.

Chelsea played really well and although I still think we lack width at the moment we are solid and Essien was the boy tonight and I think he is really making a statement. Hilario had a good game in goal and a clean sheet against Barcelona is an excellent full debut in my opinion that no one can be disappointed with. Looking forward to the Nou Camp return but whatever the outcome we are now in a very good position to progress as the top of the group. Score !!!!