Friday, October 06, 2006

Locked and Loaded

So I am sitting at my desk now having lunch, last few hours of my working week slowly passing by. Spent my night yesterday playing Tomb Raider and talking on the phone, quite a relaxed evening with no real adventures other than uncovering the artifacts in my game. Also downloaded this free game titled TotemBall, think EyeToy but on the Xbox 360 using the Vision Camera. This game is going to be my route to having toned arms as you control it with arm movement. I felt like a bird flapping my wings and my sister came in and gave me a dodgy look and then realised what I was doing.

After the relaxed night yesterday I expect tonight to be more on the pace, last week was an action packed one and I am hoping that what occured will be played down tonight. I'm going to be enjoying the night and having a good time as that's what it's all about. If I wanted drama I would become a wrestler because I am lead to believe they are exceptional at laying it down Haha. Not sure if I am feeling tonight yet so just going to run through a quick checklist; Am I looking forward to tonight - Check - Bottle of Pinot Grigio - Check - In the mood for dancing - Check - I am on it...