Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Avid Merrion and Sacha Baron Cohen are proper legends, they have so much front it makes me roll up. I think that they are both comic genius and their humour is both original and shocking. Well looking forward to seeing the Borat movie and I have read a lot about the controversy and also seen pictures from him at the premier. I have so got to get me one of those skinny piano ties, if anyone knows where I can pick one up in the UK respond to this post haha.

Onto Avid Merrion anyway and his new series has started recently called Bo in the USA. I have linked to a couple of clips in this post and there are plenty more available on YouTube and I am sure over the coming weeks there will be a lot more added. You have to love the first clip as Russell Brand comes across well nervous as I'm sure he doesn't know what to expect. The second clip is well funny as it's Pete Doherty showing his true addiction haha.

Onto events in my life and last night I just went for a meal, didn't bother with cinema as I had some wine *sleeping potion* and just needed to go to bed. Tried to firm it but it just wasn't having it and I felt my eyes being pushed shut haha. This morning the children came around early as they were around to pick up the shoes I had got them from the night before. Although they loved them they still had to get them changed as Kickers come up small, note to parents make sure you buy them 2 sizes bigger. Other than that not too many significant events have occurred, a guy at work was mysteriously sacked and not sure why he was cool and I felt like he provided answers and value. All the best to you fella and hope you make it big. What's in store next, who is next on the chop list, I'm scared and hoping that someone will provide me with a security blanket. And not the guy who sits next to me at work as yes going to bed with a Samurai sword seriously yells out issues, just kidding, or keeping the peace haha. My boy paid me a visit tonight, I love him as he is wicked, we played boats and then set up a race track.

Then I found that he had some dog fun on his shoes and I feel like my nose is permanently burnt haha. My daughter wasn't on the scene as she was around her friends house but it was good to see my boy as he is a wicked little character !!