Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reliable Transport Service

Was hoping to go to the Circus tonight, although how my boy puts it 'The Circle' haha. Anyway those plans are on hold now until tomorrow as for some reason my train line was out of service this evening meaning that I was late home and unable to get ready in time. My children didn't seem to mind too much though which is cool so instead I will be taking them tomorrow. Booked a day off as well which is a touch so we'll shoot over there after I have got my haircut. Today was well quiet at work as it seems that all our customers are happy and have no need to call us. If only that were true, then again I would be out of a job if that was the case. Need to use up my holiday so going to probably book a few more days off over the coming weeks. Want to have days off where I can see my children though as it makes it more worthwhile and not just a skive. Anyway tonight we'll probably enjoy a takeaway and a movie. A few of my friends are Zens bound and are going to try and get me back in the mix with talking to the bouncers. Hopefully it all comes good as I miss my Friday regular haha. Until tomorrow !!