Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving forward

I really feel as though I am progressing at the moment in my life as I feel closure finally with issues that have bothered me. My money seems to be sorting itself out as well but still a long way to go. I am in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement which is in place to consolidate all my outgoings, I am not that bad with money but have taken a lot on from being lost at sea. I checked my progress of my debts and it's looking good and although I still have a lot to pay out I believe at some point next year it will all fall into place and instead of it being all uphill I will see the light haha. So the working week is now over and ended up having another kick off at work with the little balls which was well funny and moved out into the street after week haha. Took a picture of some well dodgy building near my work, blatantly if there are strong winds this building is going to be responsible for many fatalities.