Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Okay so there was me at 8:00 this evening thinking that today had managed to pass without incident. Anyway to track back a little work flew by today, I am glad as I felt slightly hung over this morning and really felt like having a day off but I firmed it. For the first time in a while I managed to see my children on a school night which was good as I enjoy having them around me and us spending time together. Their mum picked them up just after 8:00 and went home leaving me to plan out the rest of my night.

Then the phone rings after a short period and I am informed by their mum that my boy has had an accident and fallen over cutting open his chin getting ready for bed. I can tell by her tone that she is worried so I tell her that we best go up the hospital. It's a nervous moment when you get a bad news call and as every parent will likely tell you, you're left with a lot of nervous thoughts. Anyway she arrives shortly after and we head for the hospital leaving my daughter at my parents. My boy is upset but he is keen to show everyone his injury. Waited at the hospital for an age, he was getting aggitated so I got him some goodies from the vending machine and sat there waiting to be seen. There is a real feeling of distance between me and their mother, I feel as if this person I used to spend so much time with I hardly know. Find myself fumbling my phone not knowing what to say and even the concept of small talk doesn't materialise. After seeing the Triage Nurse she goes for a McDonalds pitstop while I wait for the doctor. I really should think when it comes to hospitals though, a happy child comes over to my boy who is eating sweets and I give the child a chocolate. Next minute I know the mother is ripping the sweet from the childs mouth. Nothing too serious but later it's brought to my attention that what if the child was diabetic or nil by mouth. Then another child is sick everywhere and luckily for me she returns from her pitstop and the doctor is ready to see us. Then things start moving and my boy gets seen to and his chin gets glued. Hate seeing him hurting and he was clearly nervous and uncomfortable in the hospital. We were soon on our way after this and after she picked up my daughter who was fast asleep it was off into the night again for them and the second time that night. For me it was to the kitchen to heat up my dinner and post about it here. Go to bed Joe Haha...