Saturday, October 28, 2006

The day out

Hopefully tonight will mean me geeting back into Zens although been informed that the boys are heading to Amadeus and well not feeling that as it's a proper distance. Finally made it to the circus today even though running a little late but we didn't miss too much. There were some great performers and I was well impressed with the flexibility of some of the people performing as they were like elastic. My children were amazed at some of what was being pulled and I was as well as they really pulled off what they were doing. If Billy Smarts is in your area any time soon make sure that you check it out as it's value for money. My boy was on it with food and drinks and we had to treck right from the common down into Blackheath to reach a cash point and back again to keep him topped up haha. Well enjoyed it though and after the show headed homeward for my children to be picked up and for me to get ready for my first night out in what seems like an age !!