Thursday, October 19, 2006

Slow day

Today was a slow day, I love how through the week I promise myself that I won't be getting up to much and then during Thursday it's like a rush of plans. Thursday is definitely the organisation day as everyone seems to know what is going on. Throughout the day I get notification through email, text and calls about what is going down. I well want to get in the mix for the weekend but with payday being Monday it's well annoying as don't want to get well on it and use up a load of my funds. Especially as it's my daughters birthday this month as want her to have a great day and give her a few presents.

Also this month I want to send off for my driving license which shouldn't be too difficult as it's just a case of filling out the forms and sending off. I know, I know should have done this when my ban was originally up but now moving in to 2007 I want to set myself up and give myself the leverage to have a good year. I do have a car but currently my childrens mum feels the need to have two, result for her but kind of doesn't seem fair to me. Okay so she tells the world I am the worst person ever and that I am this and that but I did everything I could in the six years we were together and was taken literally to the cleaners. I came out of the relationship with a bag of clothes and my Xbox 360.

You know I got the big slice of the cake haha. I am not going to vent and complain though as I am glad that she is set up as my children live with her. I would just like some fairness, especially as when I have the children we have to use public transport and also taking into account the maths. Our relationship was worse that Eminem and Kim's and I am glad I am not high profile, being famous and having just some clothes and a console is hardly going to get me on MTV Cribs haha. Hopefully I will get my car back soon and like Eminem I am going to be like the Real Slim Shady now and stand up !!