Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Campers

Glad my children came around tonight as another disappointing performance from England, glad that I rarely go and watch England up the pub as haven't had anything to cheer about for a while. Anyway good effort and hopefully things will click soon, and in a tournament as well as fed up being knocked out. Had a good laugh with my children, did their homework with them and was expecting them to be picked up later that evening but someone enjoyed themselves too much out so we decided best to leave them with me for the night.

Tomorrow is my night out and thanks to my brother I have tickets to see Paolo Nutini at the Astoria. Should be a really good show as I am feeling his music at the moment and looking forward to getting to my first concert in a while. Can't remember what I last went to although I think it was probably Craig David as I have been to a few of his shows as he was Proper Bo at one point but now he seems to have slipt from the scene. I'll be on it tomorrow and hopefully will be posting up some pictures on my return from the concert later that night. I am just hoping the people I am going with aren't screamers, you never know though being at a gig again may release something inside me. Deep down we all have a screamer waiting to break free ARRRRGH Haha !!