Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Well after a crazy end of the day yesterday my little soldier seems back to his usual self. Their mum allowed the both of them to have a day off today and having spoke to him earlier he seemed in great voice. He is into everything so I am hoping I won't have to spend too many times by his side in hospital but I'll be there whatever happens. Read about what happened in Pennsylvania yesterday and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected as it's a tragic event. It's sad that people have to take innocent lives, if they feel so much anger why not join the forces or something. Anyway today was a miserable day and I don't expect as the weeks go on that it will get any warmer. Well starting to wish I had a car now, as part of the seperation it was logical for her to take the car for the childrens sake. Plus I had also received a years ban so not really practical having a car parked out front and with the temptation as well I would have been like a fly and a bright light. Not sure what to get at the moment but I think that once I send off for my license I will probably have a few long rentals while I build up my funds.

Tonight I think I will be heading out for something to eat and to catch a movie. Not sure what at the moment but I might see that World Trade Centre film even though I feel it's too soon to be cashing in on what happened that day. Still though they seem to be concentrating on the story of the fireman and I also like Nicholas Cage as he is a good actor. I think his best film was where he starred alongside John Travolta in Face Off as how good is the action. Then again Con Air and The Rock are also quality, just hyped myself up now to see Nic's performance Haha. I'm sure that I will update tomorrow on what takes place tonight so stay tuned...