Friday, October 13, 2006

Rocking Out

Here are some pictures from the Paulo Nutini concert which was banging, I only know a few of his tunes but that didn't matter as he put on a wicked performance. This was his biggest performance he told us and you could see that he was loving it. Despite his name Paulo Nutini is Scottish and there was a large Scottish following at the venue who cheered loudly when he checked the crowd for where people were from.

The support act were good and full of energy and there tunes got people in the mood for the main act. When Paulo came on stage around 9:00 the place was rocking and he built up through his performance and smacked it with the tunes the majority are familiar with - Last Request and Jenny Don't Be Hasty. Then he finished the night with a cover of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley which was a great finale.

I did want to post a load of pictures but majority I took were really dark so I have submitted the best ones here. Tried to take pictures of the people I went with as well but most didn't want to feature on my blog so I have uploaded a picture of my brother dodging the camera haha. This was a great performance and I am in the mood now and will definitely be heading to the next Paulo gig and a few other acts that I am feeling as well !!