Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Paying bills is fun

Today has gone really slow but an ex-colleague livened up my afternoon as he was on a wind up and I was feeling proper mischievous as well so was loving it. Actually this afternoon has been a laugh, I had some compliance that I had to go through this morning but I was able to just zone out and listen to my ipod while going through that. Once that was complete the afternoon has picked up but still today seems to have dragged. With my children on half time I so wish I was with them as speaking to there mother this morning she sounds like she could do with a break. I know that you read this so allow me to get involved with them as I want to help, I am not this enemy that you make me out to be as I want to be there for them.

Sorted out the parking tickets this morning finally as I paid for them even though I am sure that they were paid originally three years ago. Oh well it's done now, I don't currently have a vehicle so not likely to get anymore tickets. Onto the car and I am going to just distance from trying to get the car back as there's too much small print and I am done with aggrevation as it's so drawn out. Think tonight I am going to have a mooch over to Bluewater to get my children some shoes and see if there are any decent coats about. Probably none that I will like or be able to afford so will likely come back empty handed. Should be going cinema later as well so expect review type update tomorrow !!