Saturday, October 21, 2006

Here we go !!

In a twist to previous Fridays though we decided to go for a meal as where it's the end of the month not too many people appear to be on it due to funds. The meal was well nice and we had the happiest person in the world serving us so definitely going to go back there. She was a legend and apparently she has a band as well which sounds like fun, might have to check out band camp to see how it goes on there. After the meal it wouldn't be a Friday with stepping foot in Dartford so headed there from Lloyds and ended up in Crush which is alright but there seemed to be a real lack of movement from people dancing. I was poised with my camera to take some pictures but the crowd we ended up with didn't seem to interested so tried to work my moves and felt off key, even more so than usual haha. Anyway we stayed here for a while and then we were off into the night ready for the weekend ahead !!