Monday, October 16, 2006

Alright Still

Worked through a reasonable amount of wine this weekend, still feeling alright though and much better than last Monday. Yesterday was a good end to the weekend, was late out as usual as my children who had stayed at their other grandparents came around in the evening for me to see them. They weren't around too long but we still managed to have fun and my daughter really has a wise head on her shoulders as when we talk about things she grasps the situation so well.

After they were picked up it was on to Bexleyheath to meet up with my friends. We had a proper funny night as we were on it taking pictures, we all have the Sony Ericsson Cybershot and it is THE phone to have at the moment. If you don't have this phone then I am sorry but you are a slacker and you don't deserve friends haha.

I was trying to get them to stand in a triangle to take a picture of whoever was in front but they kind of just frowned at me haha. It was a top night and it ended with another request which is my tune at the moment from Justin TImberlake. Not many people seemed with it but me and my friends are on it with this one at the moment and I have posted the video below from YouTube...

Just writing this up during my lunch, well screwing about the Chelsea keepers. Get well soon fellas as it was proper unfortunate what occurred as I have never known two keepers to be injured that way in a game before. Next game is Barcelona and we are going to be turning to our third choice keeper Hilario. Well wish I were going as I went to the previous two games where Chelsea faced Barcelona in the Champions League and amazing games. Especially the infamous game where Chelsea won the return league at the Bridge 4-2 as that game had everything and there atmosphere there was electric. That year I paid tout prices for my ticket and it was well value for money as it was the best game that I have been to. Would do it all again Wednesday but have priorities and I'll probably go out with some friends locally to cheer on Chelsea. Get in !!