Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tequila Sunrise

Last night was eventful as it was another company leaving do for my friend, when my company meet up for a celebration it usually ends up messy and last night was no different. I had a few glasses of wine and enjoyed the food but didn't get involved with the Tequila or Brandy. The temptation was there but due to my last few nights out drinking in London and waking up at the last station of my train home, I figured it wise that I would bail early as didn't want to wake up in Europe again Haha.

Well my friend, it was a pleasure to work with you and also to experience your dance moves which are shown above in the video courtesy of YouTube. He has it proper going on and the way he shakes those hips has been an inspiration for not just me but many others fortunate to witness the experience. He also has a way with the ladies and smaller hands than my son which makes him truly one of a kind.

Was informed this morning that everyone was on it with the Tequila getting through three bottles. There was a high five incident where there was high but the five didn't connect properly and it ended up being a shot to the face Haha. The night went well anyway and all the best in your new employment my friend Haha. On my journey home I enjoyed my first fireworks of the year, check out the picture before my train pulled into the station as it catches so much of what was a really good display !!