Sunday, October 15, 2006

More partying...

Today was jarring as I was hoping to rearrange a holiday that I had booked but due to splitting up with my childrens mother it was curbed. They had allowed me the option to reschedule the break to EuroDisney which was quality but the downside was more money. Having checked out the Disney site I knew I would be paying double going through the travel agents so I am just going to forget the deposit and book up early next year. Hopefully for my sons birthday as well as that would be good. Proper need my own place as feel harsh not having my children at weekends but in crashing at my parents for the time being it's not practical having them crash on sofa's with me as feel like a wrong'un. So with them off to stay at their other grandparents I was invited out to part two of the birthday celebrations.

It was a lively night with lots of off key dancing and grinding, the club we were celebrating at was a bit on the small side but it was good. Saw a lot of familiar faces and my friend was enjoying his second night out in high spirits. We managed to find an area big enough for our group where we wouldn't keep bumping into people and got to dancing and cheering the tunes in.

There was a good mixture of music played and the night ended with a wicked special request as I got my friend to ask for the Hoff tune and everyone cheered when it pounded through the speakers. We all loved the Hoff and we made off into the night and jumped in a car, literally haha. Just realised that I have been writing about my life on this blog for a whole month now, so quite a commitment this is like a weird relationship/dear diary tilt but it's all good as I am having fun !!