Monday, October 09, 2006

The Home Coming - *Don't drink on a school night*

Okay so I probably won't be sticking to the not drinking on a school night policy but not going to get as messed up as I did last night in a hurry. I was out of the game early but it was worth it as everyone was out last night and in great spirits. I was in the zone from midday as I was well looking forward to the evenings festivities and wasn't disappointed. I started with the drinking early in doors as found a bottle of champagne that was calling me from the cupboard. This wasn't a very nice settler though as it had an evil taste to it and trust me I am still feeling it now.

The meeting time was 7:00 and as usual I was never going to be ready on time so just told everyone that I would meet them out. Felt a bit lonely on the way to the bar so got myself a bottle of Smirnoff Ice for the bus ride and we had a relaxing journey getting to know each other haha. First stop was Lloyds and it was cheers and high fives to meet the first returning friend who was looking well and proper tanned. I envy you as I look like a ghost even in the peak of summer. After well wishes and catching up with moved on to the Rat and Parrot where the main gathering was and there was a roar when we all combined and started getting on it again. It was good to see old and new faces and I'm glad that I have a large circle of friends now as a few years ago when I was lost at sea I didn't really have too many people I would speak to on a regular basis (cue violins).

I was like an Amateur photographer at this point trying to catch every moment possible and more often than not I would make a right mess of focus or getting people in the shot. After a few drinks here we moved on to OHM for a change haha. I love this place and this is like my Sunday church as I always seem to end up here now.

The photography continued and there were some that thought I was actually working for the bar and were looking forward to seeing them online. After a twist the night ended and I enjoyed myself and it's great to have the group back together again. Hopefully there will be many more nights to get on it as there were some highs and hopefully no real lasting lows other than hang overs. X

I'll leave you with not a closing comment but the new single from The Game, I am feeling this tune at the moment and it definitely makes a statement of intent. Welcome back Jayceon Terell Taylor...