Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pictures from today

I'll update with further details later as the day is still young but I'll start by showing my MVP Award certificate. This is a recognition program that Microsoft have in place to award people for dedication and commitment to their products. I am proud to be involved and hope that I can continue to offer as much as I can. The Xbox 360 is quality and definitely the way forward in gaming and the experience that it offers. Congratulations to everyone else who received the award as well both old and new and appreciation goes out to everyone else involved as well.

Here are a few pictures of my spaceman today and I had a proper laugh travelling up and down the road spinning him around making us both dizzy. Spoke to my friend today and it's looking like we are going to be doing an England FC as now I can't attend my Spiritual Home just as England don't have Wembley we are going on tour so look out for us at a venue near you Haha. Not sure what I am doing tonight but tomorrow should be a good night as my friends return home from Kos. They have been out there since May so I am sure that they will have some stories. Today has been full of activity as half my family have gone to watch the England match, come on the Chelsea boys and hopefully Lampard will get a brace and silence the critics. Everyone else is in fish mode and they have picked up four goldfish. My cat is going to love them Haha...

After this we moved on to Bluewater for a couple of hours and looked around the shops, sound familiar. Looking forward to pay day as there are a couple of things that I want to pick up but need to try and save as otherwise the Disneyland purchase is always going to be just a pipe dream. After checking out the stores and wishing my wallet was full of paper and the money kind not IOU's on post-its we moved on to TGI's. Wicked as usual and from the images below spot the person feeling hung over from the night before haha !!