Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I hate missing nights out

I hate missing a night out as there is always something that occurs, probably the reason I try and get out as much as possible. Anyway this morning I awake fresh as a daisy, pick up my mobile to see if there is any occurance and I have a message informing me that Jodie Marsh had attended the club we go to. Screwing as although I am not exactly a fan it still would have been a laugh getting her involved in some banter and seeing what she is like in person. Oh well haha, anyway after having a shower we had a brief power cut and then I surfed down to the train station. Slight exaggeration there but it does seem miserable in the UK at the moment and it won't be long until I am swimming to the station and washing up at work drenched through. Today at work was alright, finally going to get a new chair but it's going to be hard saying goodbye to my current one as we have become quite attached and I have my Homer spot haha.

At the moment I am just checking out some music online and there are some proper tunes out and a lot more on the way. I need to get a new ipod as need more space but I am thinking like I will wait a little longer as I am loving the look of the Zune. I have linked to it below for anyone not up on this as it definitely is the way forward. On a different note I got paid today and how much of a downer it was as I have had so much to pay out so going to have an easy month so I don't have to borrow from all corners. Bring on the weekend haha !!

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