Monday, October 30, 2006

Party boy

Yesterday ended with some random fun as I found some sexy sunglasses and represented. How good do I look as this is the look I am going for next summer, hear me now haha. Well loving this wkd side and feeling like testing the response in Zens next week. Anyway watched Fight Club again last night and no matter how many times I see that movie it doesn't get boring.

Today I felt like I was on my man period don't ask me why but felt a little deflated but not enough to damage my mojo in anyway. Work was just a typical monday, had a good day though although my last call of the day was a downer as I hate not being able to resolve issues. A low key day really though and tomorrow should be good as I have my daughters opening evening and I am hoping to get something in place with the teacher where I can be kept in the loop about her development needs and progression. Fingers crossed anyway !!