Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

Last night I got out too late to go to the cinema so just had a meal instead, I am so loving Italian food at the moment to the point they will probably start using my first name when I enter the restaurant. Well it's not at that stage really but you get what I mean when you become a regular. Today started interestingly, after my early morning walk and just missing the rain haha. My journey to work was entertaining as my driver was a crack up, the last carriage was not functioning and the driver was on it with the one liners. Everyone in my carriage was in stitches as he informed us that he had been reading the train handbook and that it was brought to his attention he could fit another ten people in the overhead compartments and another six in the toilets.

He also stated that if we were near any good looking strangers to let them sit on our laps. This journey finished with him apologising for the lack of room on the train and added if it was any consolation we were the best looking passengers ever - result. My friends journeys to work weren't as fun with one getting held up by buses and also at Greenwich as the DLR had problems. Another person had some kind of drama on his train where someone was holding the doors open and someone else took offence and if went off and the police had to be called. We all made it to work okay but all with very different experiences haha !!