Saturday, October 14, 2006

Make an impression

It's going ON at work at the moment, since the ambush it's become a WAR. It's hilarious as the whole company is involved now and it's like being back at school as everyone has their collection of balls ready. We had a stand off outside Barclays which was well funny as someone off my floor threw a ball at an unsuspecting colleague from the first floor and he returned fire to the surprise of shocked people queing for the cash machine haha. Thought that it would proper go off after work but at the moment it's at a stand off so next week should be interesting. On to the night anyway and after getting out later than usual and being a wrongun drinking wine on the bus journey I hit Dartford and got straight on it with the pictures.

Still not getting any better at taking pictures of myself, I haven't really uploaded too many on this post but check out the one with just the top of my hair. I know my friend is tall but no way is he that big haha. The night was wicked as after quickly working through a few glasses of wine it moved on to mixing the drinks and dancing as off key as possible. We were posing and getting well into the mood celebrating my friends birthday and was comical. Then it picked up as a Jimmy Saville look-a-like appeared and he was nailing it with the way he was dancing and gyrating around this pole. I was proper impressed and had to get his autograph, shook his hand and chatted to him for a bit. He told me that he was very ill so wished him well and told him I respected him for getting involved.

Then if the Jimmy Salville look-a-like wasn't enough we moved to the bar and bumped into the real Greg Rusedski. There was no way that he was a look-a-like as he was spot on and looked the real deal. He was a top fella as he joked with us and told us that he had been recognised several times already that night. Least we know it's not just us then, Greg was a true celebrity and I appreciate him playing down his fame and taking the time to speak to us.

We then tried to get as many people involved with us as possible and I don't think we did too bad as we were on it getting people to strike poses and represent Dartford haha. Moved onto shots at this point and no matter how many times I drink Sambuca and promise never to again I always knock them back with no care for the consequences. Didn't get too messy last night but still felt the impact this morning when I was trying to get with it ready for the weekend and to see my children.

Morning has treated me well so far as Tubes on Soccer AM had me in absolute stitches and due to my brother trying to avoid my camera at the Paolo Nutini concert I had to get a picture of him this morning and succeeded haha. Sorry bro !!