Saturday, October 07, 2006

No room at the Inn !!

Obviously after the events last week there was going to be some backlash but after trying to get into the club I had no idea that I would be barred for 4 months. That is far too long and over the top but to me it's the start of a new era as I will just move on from there now. Okay so rolling back to the start of the night, spirits were high and after drinking through almost the whole bottle of Pinot Grigio I got at lunch on my own and working through a second with my friend I moved onto my favourite club hoping to get in through the upstairs bar due to being the desired age. Anyway I got knocked back from here and tried the usual entrance where I was swiftly told to leave it a WEEK.

To this point I slipt off and I was met with my passport which I had previously left at home but had brought down to me. Now I am feeling in a good mood and skipping along firmly believing that I would gain entry but to my disappointment I am informed that I am the weakest link and it's goodbye for a third of a year. I get a brief meeting with my girl and then it's off into the night like I am some kind of mythical person defending the night. I don't know what I am on about to be honest as I am too close to the other side of sober to understand. Hope you have a good night everyone else as for me I am like the Littlest Hobo moving on to the next place Haha !!