Sunday, October 29, 2006

back in the room

So Saturday night was all about celebrating a birthday apparently but I didn't get informed whose birthday it actually was but I enjoyed the night so happy birthday fella. Everyone was in good spirits and I set myself up with a bottle of Lambrini on the journey to meet up with my friends. Sounds weak admitting that but hey it gets my ball rolling and for less than £2 I am laughing and hitting my pockets ASDA style haha. We started our night in the Rat as our original start point seemed packed and couldn't be bothered to queue for ages to get a round. Once we had settled in the Rat we started a few Uni games that my friend brought to the table to try and get everyone off key.

This set the tempo and everyone was then trying to work out what to do next as no one could be bothered to go all the way to Rochester. A few suggestions were placed but the main one everyone was feeling was hitting Dartford and going to Zens. I was up for it but kind of nervous that I wasn't going to get in to the place considering what happened last time I was there. My paranoia wasn't needed as I passed through and entered the club for an enjoyable night with no real incident other than a phone being dropped into the toilet. Good to see people mixing it up with the fancy dress as some were well on it. Best costume by far though was Jason who we passed on the way home as he was wicked and looked scary as well.

Onto today and it was all about heading to Bluewater again to get a replacement phone and with having no insurance it was to prove very costly indeed. Managed to find a moped for the boy and he was well proud sitting on it and getting his photo taken. With the clocks going back it soon got dark and our tummies soon started grumbling so we went to Pizza Express to fill a void and pull off our happiest scary faces.

After that it was off home and a wave goodbye to my children who disappeared off into the night once their mum picked them up. Later dudes and instead of getting in the mix tonight I decided to brew my party mood until next week when Friday/Zens should be well on the agenda !!